Tom Chorlton, a local gay activist and founder of the National Association of Gay and Lesbian Democratic Club (the predecessor to the Stonewall Democrats) gave us a quick call today to talk about gay issues in Denver.

Top of the list was the turnout. On Monday, the LGBT Caucus held a luncheon with 375 in attendance — larger than any state caucus, except for California and New York.

“I can remember when we used to meet in a broom closet,” he said.

Sen. Ted Kennedy’s emotional speech Monday night included a direct message to LGBT voters.

“That’s Teddy Kennedy,” Chorlton said. “He doesn’t forget and he doesn’t overlook.”

What is missing from this week’s events is any mention of gays and lesbians in the party’s platform. Chorlton, attending his 11th convention, helped craft the first inclusion of “gays and lesbians” in the 1984 platform. He’s pissed.

“It’s still there, but it’s in code,” he says. “Sometimes you need to spell things out.”

The platform includes advancements for the transgendered, but that’s also tinged in “camouflaged terms.”

In other news, Chorlton says the South Carolina caucus showed “tremendous support” for Linda Ketner’s campaign, seen as the first real challenge for Republican Congressman Henry Brown’s District 1 seat.

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