Watch “The Dumb Leading the Dumber” 

When my friends on the hard Right complain about what they often call the “stupidity” of the average conservative, who finds some bizarre value in supporting John McCain this election, I always defend the rank-and-file Republican. I believe in their hearts, most of the folks voting for McCain simply want to do what’s right for their country, yet are constantly misled by political leaders and pundits, whether dimwitted or diabolical. One can only make decisions based on the information they’re given, and when all the information disseminated is wrong, it inevitably leads to wrong decisions. But while I maintain my faith in the basic righteousness of loyal Republican voters, the accusation that some are being dumb has increasingly become harder to defend.

The primary focus of Republican cheerleaders on television, talk radio and on the street are always the pitfalls of Barack Obama as opposed to the positives of their candidate, with the latest and gravest sticking point being that the Leftist Obama is for wealth redistribution and socialism, which of course he is. So is McCain. Writes George Will, “The political left always aims to expand the permeation of economic life by politics. Today, the efficient means to that end is government control of capital. So, is not McCain’s party now conducting the most leftist administration in American history?”  Will adds that McCain has been “airing an ad warning that Obama favors ‘massive government, billions in spending increases” yet a Republican president just helped arranged for a welfare proposal topping $1 trillion in possible federal expenditures. While I’m glad Will pointed out McCain’s brazen hypocrisy, you can bet he will remain one of the few mainstream pundits to do so, leaving the average Republican in the dark on their own candidate’s socialism.

But plenty of conservative pundits and columnists expose the Leftist Republican Party all the time, which is exactly why they are never invited on FOX News or the Sean Hannity program. Writes conservative Paul Gottfried “The non-reflectiveness of self-described conservative Republicans never ceases to amaze me; and it goes well beyond the mental laziness and reliance on slogans that my leftist colleagues often ascribe to (what they like to call) ‘the dumb Right.’ But clearly McCain and his advisors understand this situation and play games with their ‘conservative’ voters in a way that Democrats would never dare to do with theirs. The rubes are still lining up to cheer ‘Sarah Barracuda’ and whoever is the current anti-Democratic presidential candidate.”

Gottfried is right. In an election year when many are wondering if Hillary Clinton supporters will support McCain simply to protest Obama, conservative Republicans are marching in lockstep to support a candidate virtually none of them were happy with before he won the nomination. What exactly did our current Republican president do, when he had Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate, to advance any conservative policies, whatsoever? What rational person believes McCain will do any better?

This commentary was inspired by my good friend, WTMA host Richard Todd, who as a man who doesn’t even describe himself as a conservative, can still see the socialism and leftism in both parties and is considering voting 3rd party in protest. A president Obama will likely be no worse than Democrat Bill Clinton and a president McCain will likely be no better than Republican George W. Bush, whose primary accomplishments have been a foreign policy that has been described as the most disastrous of any president, the attempted sellout of his country on illegal immigration and unprecedented budget, deficit and spending increases, making him arguably the most Leftist administration in American history, as described by a mainstream syndicated columnist featured in Charleston’s own Post & Courier.

I have defended the average Republican voter as simply not having the proper insight to know any better. Accusations of stupidity or being “the dumb Right,” were too harsh in my judgment, and in many ways I still believe they are.

But as such harshness continues to be shown towards those who refuse to support the socialist Obama or the socialist McCain by voting third party, whether it’s directed at Todd, myself or anyone else capable of the slightest independence in thought – it must be pointed out that any conservative voting for McCain is doing much worse than throwing his vote away – they’re contributing to the increasing socialist direction of this country by allowing those responsible to get away with political murder. A vote for Obama is a vote for the socialism – so is a vote for McCain. And in supporting either, you’re not doing the right thing for your country – you’re being duped by the very people most intent on destroying it.

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