A Picture of Ten-hut!

Stacy L. Pearsall has been selected as the new director of the Charleston Center for Photography. Pearsall, appointed Oct. 17, will supervise teachers, curate workshops, manage public relations, and help raise funds. The recipient of two Military Photographer of the Year awards, Pearsall has more than 10 years of experience in news and combat photojournalism. She was a premier photographer for the U.S. Department of Defense. For more, go to www.center4photography.com. —Mark Glenn

Phone Wars

Apple’s iPhone now has competition. Google’s G1 is cheaper and has technology comparable to the iPhone. Big pluses include a slide out keyboard and Android technology. While iPhone applications have to be Apple-approved, Android is open source, and it offers users the ability to download applications or write their own. The G1 will be sold for $179 by T-Mobile. But it will only be released in 21 cities while
T-Mobile expands its network. —Myles Hutto

What would
Joe Francis do?

TiVo and Germany-based Nero AG are hoping to change the advertising world with the release of a program that will transform your PC into a TV recorder. The technology has been available for years on some PCs and operating systems, but on Oct. 15, it finally became available to the mass market. The program will include a remote control and a “TV tuner” that plugs into your PC. The initial cost of the kit is $199, which includes a one-year subscription to TiVo. The fact that TiVo enables people to skip over commercials may mean advertisers will have to get a little more creative with how they target their markets. How am I to find out about the latest Girls Gone Wild video? —MH

Fantasy ‘Land’

Every year, millions sign up for fantasy sports online. Companies like Yahoo!, ESPN, Fox Sports, and Sportsline.com are the big fish. But several small companies are hoping to get in on the action. Citizen Sports, a new fantasy operation, is one of these. A collaborative effort with Sports Illustrated, it aims to market straight to users of popular social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook in an effort to harness a generation’s obsession with online identity and with customizing online content. For more, go to www.citizensportsinc.com. MH

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