Soooo…to the mother of the 1 year old in the movie theatre this week at 10 PM…good luck. First of all good luck on teaching your child manners, because apparently you think throwing popcorn at other people and loudly FARTING throughout the movie is setting a good example.
Also, good luck on teaching your child conflict resolution, because apparently yelling at someone to ” You sit back down-I have a 1 year old” when they quietly ask you to keep it down and stop hurling popcorn at them is the way to handle issues. (BTW I am aware you have a 1 year old-he’s beside me, at 10 pm in a PG-13 movie actually behaving better than you.)
Good luck, good luck, good luck. Luck most have been with you already because I was able to resist the urge to dump my soda on your head as I moved to another aisle-but hey, we don’t want the kid picking up any bad habits, do we?

-Keepin’ it classy

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