Who do you call when you’ve got to raise money? That’s right. Your favorite restaurant and chef. The local restaurant industry has given and helped raise millions of dollars on behalf of all kinds of causes. And the City of Charleston recognized those not-so-small contributions at last night’s City Council meeting.

The resolution read by the mayor noted the industry’s support financially and with time and resources (like grub), including cultural organizations, educational groups, philanthropic programs, and emergency efforts, including fundraising following the Sofa Super Store tragedy in 2007.

“They’ve given so often and so freely and so generously,” Riley said. “We can’t imagine Charleston without them.”

The proclamation was presented to Kathy Britzius, executive director of the Greater Charleston Restaurant Association, which has raised more than $1 million for local charities through the Taste of Charleston and the Lowcountry Oyster Festival. Also on hand were Mickey Bakst from Charleston Grill, Sean Brock and Andre Guillet from McCradys, Richard Elliott from Maverick Southern Kitchens, Mark Cummins from the TBonz group, Steve Kish from 82 Queen, and Brett McKee from Oak Steakhouse.

I’d say it’s about time we gave them a big round of applause. Now go ahead and make reservations at your favorite restaurant tonight.

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