If you were appalled at Andre Bauer’s suggestion the other day that poor people are like stray animals and the best way to control them is to take away their reduced-price school lunches, you will not be surprised that he is still at it. This state has a record 12.6 percent unemployment rate. Does Andre think that all those people are just lazy and deadbeat? Here is a Facebook conversation a friend had with the lieutenant governor. And this guy wants to be our fearless leader! Read it and weep.

Christine xxxxxxxxxx January 24 at 2:42pm
I have never heard such ignorance come out of a person’s mouth. I seriously doubt that withholding food from those less fortunate was the lesson your grandmother was trying to teach you. You owe her and the people of South Carolina an apology.

Andre Bauer January 24 at 5:14pm Report
She believed that you teach a man to fish not give him one. The media has not reported exactly what I said. I hope you will listen to the tape of my speach. With the current budget situation we are going to have to take away tihings from the needy and part of this is because we keep giving to the lazy. I feel a real leader offers solutions
on how to break the cycle of dependance. This can be do by offering an incentive for them to get a GED. If you have ideas I would love to hear them. That is how we have an open discussion and fine ways to move or state and the people in it forward.

Christine xxxxxxxxxxxx January 24 at 6:21pm
I agree with you about teaching people to fish which is why we need better public schools. Cutting school lunch programs is not going to solve anything. People are not inherently lazy. Many in SC have just given up. I can tell you first hand how discouraging it has been trying to find work after being layed off and how demoralizing it is to have to go on unemployment. Your main concentration needs to be on creating jobs in SC, which employ the parents who can then provide the lunches the children need. Real leaders set a high bar and then teach people how to reach it, not by beating people who are already down. Offering a GED doesn’t get people anywhere. Come up with programs that chart a way to get a full college education. Help create more Technical Schools so we can provide more employees to manufacturing companies willing to locate here. Your Grandma might have also said, “People generally see what they look for and hear what they listen for.” If you think the problems in SC are are lazy and dependent people, all you can offer is 4 more years of the same government that has led to SC where it is today.

Andre Bauer January 24 at 6:49pm Report
I am not for cutting school lunch programs. In fact I was offered them when I was in school. What I do think needs to be discused is general poverty and how you break the cycle. Lots of people talk about jobs as a way to fix all the problems but some people are just fine not doing anything. Because of those who abuse the system, the real needy in turn suffer. I appreciate your thoughts and concerns.

Christine xxxxxxxxxxxxx January 24 at 7:47pm
Those that abuse that or any system will not change. All you will do by cutting government assistance programs is hurt the needy and make poverty worse. Please give me one example of a state that has raised up people out of poverty by cutting assistance programs. That’s like punishing a whole class because one student cheated. Why continue a failing system? So if not jobs, what? I appreciate your thoughts too, but I feel you are just focusing on the negatives and continuing the status quo.

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