Big GOP News:

• Sen. Jim DeMint will face a primary challenger, lawyer Susan Gaddy.

• Too many chiefs? Several large fields and incumbent challengers in this primary season.

• The race we’re most excited about? It’s got to be Fran Roberts vs. Thomas Legare Jr. for County Council District 8.

Governor: Gresham Barrett, André Bauer, Nikki Haley, Henry McMaster

Lt. Governor: Krista Cogdill, Bill Connor, Larry Richter, Ken Ard, Eleanor Kitzman

Secretary of State: Mark Hammond

Treasurer: Converse Chellis, Curtis Loftis

Attorney General: Leighton Lord, Robert Bolchoz, Alan Wilson

Comptroller General: Richard Eckstrom, Mike Meilinger

Superintendent of Education: Gary Burgess, Kelly Payne, Mick Zais, Elizabeth Moffly, Glenn Price, Brent Nelson

Commissioner of Agriculture: Hugh Weathers

Adjutant General: Bob Livingston

U.S. Senate: Jim DeMint, Susan Gaddy

1st Congressional District: Carroll Campbell, Ken Glasson, Katherine Jenerette, Larry Kabrovsky, Mark Lutz, Clark Parker, Tim Scott, Paul Thurmond, Stovall Witte

6th Congressional District: Nancy Harrelson, Colleen Payne, Jim Pratt

Charleston County Council District 1: Joe McKeown

Charleston County Council District 2: Dickie Schweers

Charleston County Council District 8: Fran Roberts, Thomas Legare Jr.

Charleston County Council District 9: John B. DuBois, Joe Qualey

Charleston County Probate Judge: Irvin G. Condon

Charleston County Register Mense Conveyance: Charlie Lybrand

State House 110: Chip Limehouse

State House 112: Mike Sottile, Joe Bustos

State House 114: Bobby Harrell

State House 115: Peter McCoy

State House 116: Anthony LaMantia, Sean Pike

State House 119: Lee Edwards

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