As you know, the other day, I admitted a horrible, horrible thing: I agreed with Glenn Beck.

OK. It wasn’t horrible. It was more like frikkin’ mind-bendingly mad, like an acid trip on an A-ticket ride at Tokyo Disney WTF. And that’s a good thing. The body — and the brain — need a good freak out from time to time.

But back to Beck. On Fox & Friends, the conspiracy-minded talking head argued that the alleged Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad should be read his Miranda Rights. After all, Shahzad is an American citizen, so we have to follow the rules set out in the Constitution. One Fox Friend disagreed — quite strongly — as do a portion of GOPers in D.C. I agreed with him.

See, I like the Constitution. The 1st Amendment is my fave. I mean, to borrow a line from R.U. Sirius, shouldn’t we all be able to shout “theater” in a crowded fire?

And I’m a big fan of the 2nd Amendment, although I think that the American citizenry should be able to possess the same kind of weapons as Uncle Sam, otherwise it’s not really a fair fight (and frankly, that’s what the 2nd Amendment is all about, making sure that the American people can overthrow the government if necessary). Uncle Sam’s our bitch; we’re not his.

Which brings us to Lindsey Graham. South Carolina’s senior citizen recently let it be known that he doesn’t see anything wrong with the fact that current law allows those on the terrorist watch list to purchase guns.

Now, this pissed off New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who, well, doesn’t think anybody should have guns. In Bloomberg’s world, power comes not from a barrel of a gun but the power to buy an election with all of your Daddy Warbuck’s money. Asshole.

According to the Huffington Post:

Graham described the bill as an instrument of those who would ban guns altogether. “We’re talking about a constitutional right here,” he said, explaining that he could not support a bill that would force “innocent Americans” to “pay the cost of going to court to get their gun rights back.”

Lindsey’s right. Just because you’re on the terrorist watch list, well, that doesn’t make you a terrorist. An American citizen would actually have to be found guilty of terrorism charges to, in fact, be a terrorist, the key bit here being that a case would have to go to court and all that.

However, in that same Huffington Post article, it’s noted that Graham apparently doesn’t care about reading Miranda to American citizens who’ve been arrested for some sort of terrorism-related activity.

Graham wasn’t nearly as concerned about rights when he launched into a disquisition on the treatment of American citizens accused of terrorism. “I am all into national security,” he said. “I want them to stop reading these guys Miranda rights.”

Like many of his fellow Republicans, Graham assailed the administration for respecting the constitutional rights of suspected terrorists, suggesting instead that they should be treated like enemies on the battlefield.

“Even if you’re an American citizen helping the enemy, you should be seen as a potential enemy,” he said, “not as someone who committed a crime in New York.”

Geez, I hate to say this, but Glenn Beck needs to talk some sense to this guy.

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