As part of a family-friendly Independence Day celebration, the Village Playhouse (730 Coleman Blvd., 843-856-1579) and Repertory Company (out of Hilton Head) present a special series of performances titled Red, White and Cash: A Tribute to a True American Patriot.

Some of Cash’s most familiar hits — penned by and covered by the late Man in Black — are in the setlist, as well as a few "true patriotic classics" like "This Land is Your Land," "Sea to Shining Sea," and "America the Beautiful."

The roster of singers and musicians includes Michael Easler, Dusty Bryant, Kathy Summer, Jenna Brinson, Jay Urban, Trey Cooper, Brian McCreight, Bart Saylor, and Robert Widlowski. Show dates are July 2-3 and July 9-10 at 7:30 each night. General admission is $25; kids get in for $15.

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