Our latest installment of this regularly recurring column offers a glimpse into the relatively barren fridge of bachelor chef Iverson Brownell, a caterer who works events throughout the country but is based in a kitchen on East Bay Street in downtown Charleston.

Chef Iverson Brownell

Iverson Catering

Chef Iverson Brownell grew up in a family of artists and then became one himself — albeit a culinary one. Locally known for his avant-garde approach to food for clients like national superstars (like Mariah Carey and Chevy Chase) and well-known local planners and partiers (like Mitchell Crosby), he was also, unbeknownst to many, the executive chef of the USA House during the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece and the host for cooking shows on both ESPN and the Outdoor Life Network.

With this impressive background in mind, we curiously entered his stylishly simple abode and were surprised to find a kitchen full of inspiring quotes, magazine clippings, postcards, and photos of friends and co-workers from all over the globe.

The fridge’s interior, however, was a blank canvas. We found the loneliest half of a single jalapeño, some takeout, and a couple of suspicious limes. This chef leaves his work at the workplace and travels light, like his fridge.

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