Earlier in the month, a fire destroyed a building on the corner of Huger Street and Rutledge Avenue downtown. The event hit too close to home for the West Ashley Home Team BBQ: Their long-time employee, Carlton “Bones” Poyas, lived in the house. Though Bones was at work when the fire occurred and escaped any personal harm, all of his possessions were destroyed.

“Since the fire, Bones has been without a consistent place to stay and has been bouncing around from hotel rooms to friends’ houses,” Aaron Siegel, the restaurant’s owner, said in a press release.

He has found a house close to his place of employment, but is having trouble making the transition to his new home. The restaurant is trying to raise funds to help Bones, looking for donations of Walmart or Target gift cards. They’ve also set a goal of raising $1,000 to cover Bones’ deposit and rent.

You can mail gift cards to the Bones Fund, care of Home Team BBQ, at 1205 Ashley River Road, Charleston, S.C. 29407. Checks can be made out to the restaurant (noting that they’re for the Bones Fund) and sent to the same address. If you’d like to check in on Bones, you can call (843) 343-2147 or email Siegel at aaron@hometeambbq.com.

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