Food trucks are the sign of a real metropolitan city, and Charleston’s finally getting not one, but two of the meals-on-wheels establishments. Roti Rolls popped up on Twitter ( on July 14, tweeting, “Roti is Indian flatbread. It’s more crepe-like than say a pita, but thicker doughier & flakier. We fill ’em with local meat/veg.” Check them out on Facebook. They rolled up to Billy Reid last Friday night for an event and promise to be a fixture at more local events in the future.

Taco Boy has a taco truck in the works; the restaurant posted pictures of their bright-blue vehicle, complete with a smiling face on the front, on their Twitter feed ( Marketing Director Phoebe Byers tells us that their goal is to launch it within a month.

“[Owners] Karalee Nielsen and Tim Mink have both wanted a taco truck for awhile,” she tells us. “They’ve visited other cities, Karalee especially, where food trucks are a prominent part of the food culture/culinary scene of that city, and they knew the concept would work in Charleston. Karalee took the kitchen managers from both Taco Boys to a food truck event in Oakland, Calif., last year, and since then it’s been a topic of conversation in the company.”

Keep your eyes peeled and let us know when you start seeing these street food vendors making the rounds.

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