The music was decidedly lackluster at Saturday night’s Music Loves Fashion party at the American Theater. Hosted by 26 Industries and Stylexchange, the event featured a DJ playing what appeared to be a pre-recorded setlist of monotonous techno-pop. Word is that a big-name DJ was originally scheduled to perform, but he had to back out at the last minute due to a conflict.

The music wasn’t the only thing in short supply — two rows of chairs were provided for VIP guests only, and the rest of the crowd found themselves teetering on the outskirts of the runway — not an enjoyable prospect in stilettos, especially when doors opened two hours early and the show started more than half an hour late.

Anna Boheme shared a small handful of looks, some of them apparently recycled from Charleston Fashion Week. After another break, Stylexchange presented an ambitious collection of fall clothes from national designers — the models practically ran down the runway to fit it all in. Some of the pieces were dazzling (I’m a sucker for sequins), while others (jeans with a white oxford shirt) were downright uninspired.

There was certainly plenty of skin on the runway — girls awkwardly tugged too-short shirts/dresses down over their ass cheeks and the shirtless, jeans-wearing dudes were a blatant (and effective) ploy to maintain our flagging attention. We even accidently spotted some boobage backstage.

Despite all of its hiccups, the event was a good reminder of the fashionable spot out in Mt. P, and best of all, proceeds benefited the Boys and Girls Club. We just hope none of those boys and girls were in attendance Friday night.

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