On my way into Dock Street for Saturday morning’s Chamber VI program, I overheard a lady saying something like, “After each of these chamber programs, I keep telling myself that it’s the best one I’ve been to so far — until the next one rolls around.” I know how she feels, as I often tell myself the same thing. Yes, indeed — there seems to be no end to the parade of memorable music.

Director Geoff Nuttall introduced the concert’s first music by telling us, “I won’t even say good morning to you, ‘cause this first piece will do it for me.” And, sure enough, it did: Beethoven’s rarely- heard Serenade in D Major, for flute (Tara Helen O’Connor), violin (Daniel Phillips), and viola (Hsin-Yun Huang). The piece is ideal deal “rise-and-shine” music, with a winning array of sunny tunes and “conversational” interaction among its players. You don’t often think of grumpy old Ludwig as being a humorous composer, but much of his music — like this piece — is chock-full of musical jokes, grins, and giggles. And grins were often in evidence on our players’ faces (except for O’Connor: it’s kind of hard to grin while tootling your flute).

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