Two Boroughs Larder is putting the finishing touches on their new Coming Street spot, waiting on final approval from the City to open its doors officially. Owners Heather and Josh Keeler have been hard at work for months turning the former convenience store into a stylish neighborhood eatery that’s sure to become a Cannonborough/Elliotborough favorite.

Located at 186 Coming St. near Dave’s Carryout, Two Boroughs Larder is split into two main rooms. On the right, you’ll find a rustic community table, coolers full of bottled beverages, and a wall of shelves holding products like screenprinted kitchen towels, glasses, matches, honey, and Better Life cleaning products. The left side of the building contains several more tables with metal chairs and a bar that will soon serve beer and wine.        


A long counter connects the two spaces — this is where you can order your King Bean coffee for $2 a cup. The kitchen sits behind, where Josh, a trained chef, will churn out an inventive menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their first menu includes more highlights than we can list: Heirloom Hominy with red chile sauce, pork belly, soft scramble, pickled chiles, and creme fraiche ($5); Pappardelle with beef back rib all Genovese ($9); Farro Piccolo with field peas, butter peas, peaches, herbs, and sherry vinaigrette ($8); a Roast Lamb sandwich with harissa, mustard, Cerignola olives and heirloom tomato farinella on toasted sourdough ($10); and Country Fried Rabbit with pickled carrots ($7). They strive to serve as much local and humanely-raised food as possible.


Whether you choose to dine in or take some artisanal meats, cheeses, and wine to go, Two Boroughs Larder is a welcome addition to a quickly growing neighborhood. Keep your eye on their website, Twitter, or Facebook page for news on their official opening.

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