Are you bummed that you can’t make it to the Kiawah Island Golf Resort for the PGA Championship? Sure you are. But there’s no need for you to worry your pretty little head. The PGA is looking out for you and yours with the Get Golf Ready Family Fun Zone Tour. This free event will be hitting all of Charleston’s county parks. And the best part about the Family Fun Zone festival is right there in the name: it’s for the whole family.

Instead of hiring a babysitter and heading to Ocean Course to get your golf on, at the Family Fun Zone you can get your golf fix and take the kids along with you. Designed for all ages, abilities, golf know-how — especially those poor souls who don’t know the difference between a hook and a slice — the festival has something for everyone.

There will be putting tic-tac-toe, where kids substitute the classic Xs and Os for different colored golf balls and putt them onto a playing board. They’ll also be offering tee-golf; think tee-ball but with, um, clubs and a golf ball. And then there’s Golf-Zilla. This two-storied inflatable dinosaur has targets placed at different points on its body, and the kids can hit “birdie balls” at the dinosaur to earn points.

And it wouldn’t be a real festival unless they were giving out free stuff. Every day of the Family Fun Zone Tour, guests will have the chance to win a pair of tickets to the PGA Championship at Kiawah. A variety of other prizes will also be given away to guests who register for the PGA Championship Play, Scan, and Win sweepstakes.

There will also be TVs on site where guests can watch the PGA Championship from the carnival.

In addition to the county parks, the Get Golf Ready Family Fun Zone Tour will stop by the downtown farmers market and a Riverdogs baseball game.

“Although not everyone in Charleston is able to get tickets to the PGA Championship, the PGA of America wanted to be here and give back to the community,” says Bob Baldassari, PGA senior director. “The health and wellness benefits of playing golf are tangible for young and old alike.” —DeAnna Kerley

Get Golf Ready Family Fun Zone

• Wed. Aug. 8 at North Charleston Wannamaker Park

• Thurs. Aug. 9 at Mt. Pleasant Palmetto Islands County Park

• Fri. Aug. 10 at James Island County Park 10 a.m.–2 p.m.

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