So in case you haven’t heard, the PGA is in town, which means golf has taken over Johns Island. When you’re sick of the competition, take your kids to Freshfields for some fun kids’ games while you pick up a few golfing tips from the pros.

If a really sweaty Tiger Woods just isn’t your thing, consider watching the Riverdogs take on the Hagerstown Suns on Saturday and raise money for cancer while you’re doing it.

See new work by up-and-comer Xiao Xin Lu, and keep the art vibe going late with the Art After Dark party celebrating artist Sinisa Kukek’s opening at Redux.

Feeling morose? Grab a drink and a laugh at Theatre 99’s Funny Bucket show, or watch Doug Stanhope at the Music Farm.

Relive a simpler time when sweet old ladies got away with murder at the Olde North Charleston Picture House, where they’re showing Arsenic and Old Lace.

Get some Cuba in your system at Barsa with Gino Castillo Cuban Jazz Quartet’s “Havana Nights”­—and no, there’s no relation to that crappy Dirty Dancing movie—or if that’s not your style, check out funk band The Louie D. Project at Juanita’s or Dave Landeo out at Folly.
Weird out your tastebuds with the Mellow Mushroom’s monthly Kegs and Eggs party, or wine and dine them with wine tastings at Total Wine, Ted’s Butcherblock, or Crushed Fine Wines. If French food is your thing, celebrate Julia Child’s 100th birthday at Rue de Jean, and walk it off on Sunday during Second Sundays on King.

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