If you’re looking for something a little more refined than what you’ll find at Men’s Warehouse, Billy Reid is hosting a Made-to-Measure to help you find your perfect fit. Scheduled for Sept. 27-29, the event features custom fitting for tuxes, jackets, shirts, vest, suits, and trousers using fine fabrics from across the globe.

The event is primarily for men, but according store director Shelby Hightower, “our Made-to-Measure is absolutely beautiful, and I would love to get more women on board.” Employees can measure for women’s suiting, jackets, and trousers based off of the women’s styles in their current collection.

Typically the garments will take six to eight weeks to produce, but for an additional charge the order can be rushed. Prices vary depending on the detail and fabric that the customer chooses. “It is very reasonable for the quality of garment that we’re making. Everything is made in the USA and alterations on the garments are complimentary for life,” Hightower says. You will also receive 20 percent off of the fall collection for purchasing any made-to-measure garments.

For additional information or to make an appointment (which we are told are filling up fast), contact Shelby by phone (843) 577-3004 or email

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