Turkey time at Ted’s Butcherblock means your life just got little easier and a lot more delicious. Fresh poultry from Bell & Evans Turkeys are running $3.15/lb for those under 20 lbs and the big birds (20+ lbs) run $3.50/lb. The heritage breed turkeys are limited in supply and cost $5/lb. If you want Ted’s to brine ($10) and/or cook ($25) your turkey, just ask when ordering. Soups by the quart ($12) present a choice of pumpkin bisque with sambuca cream or a parsnip and pancetta soup. To accompany your bird, select from sausage and sage sourdough dressing, smoked oyster dressing with rice, buttermilk-chive mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, braised green beans with bacon and red onion or a sweet potato casserole with pecans and marshmallow. Once you’ve got your sides selected, imagine a quart of gravy ($12) and then imagine how much better a quart of gravy gets when you add a pint of fresh cranberry, pecan, and orange sauce to go with it ($8). Orders must be in by November 17 and can be picked up Novermber 20-21, ready to be reheated (and that way, you can pretend you actually made it).

Cru Cafe and Catering http://charlestoncitypaper.com/charleston/cru-catering/Location?oid=1069257is offering a Turkey Day menu to feed four available for pick up on November 21. With an order, you’ll get a section of oven-roasted turkey (both light and dark meat) alongside a roasted pumpkin and arugula salad, whipped sweet potatoes, caramelized braised Brussels sprouts and a southern style stuffing made with hazelnut country ham and corn bread. Of course, they will have gravy and cranberry sauce too (made with port wine!). Dessert is a bourbon pecan pie. The price is $35/person with a four person minimum. If you’ve got the bird covered, you can order the sides separately for $5.50 per side/per person. All the sides and no turkey is $28 per person.

Whole Foods has a “holiday table” ready to go with all their fresh items they highlight in their store. The grocery store is offering seven varieties of poultry options ranging from $2.49/lb to $3.99/lb and features heritage, kosher, and organic turkeys. The store will brine or herb roast your turkey, too. Whole Foods has nearly 20 classic sides to choose from including their popular Williamsburg spinach casserole ($10.99/2 lbs) and three different varieties of dressing ($10.99/2 lbs). A selection of pies make for the dessert options and the “Pumpkin Pumpkin Mousse Pie” is said to be the most popular (9”/14.99). Pick and choose to fill in the gaps on your table or order from one of their many package deals, where you can get a fully cooked dinner for four ($79.99), 6-8 ($99.99), or 10-12 ($129.99). If you don’t want to be charged with carving, get the turkey breast dinner for 4 at $89.99. These combos come with meat, three sides, cranberry-orange relish and turkey gravy. Here’s the best part, you can toss in as many vegan dinners as you want at $12.99 each to cater to your meat-free diners. Those include a half pound of soy turkey, sourdough dressing, green beans almondine, and sweet potatoes. Find the holiday table at the store and place your order by the 18th. Pick ups start the 19th and run through the 21st.

If you’re on the Earth Fare side of town, you can get your dinner needs taken care of with three ready-to-go packages. The first option feeds 6-8 and costs $150. In this classic dinner, you’ll get a 12-14 lb turkey plus mashed potatoes, rolls, and cranberry sauce as your base. Then, choose one from three stuffings options, two types of greens, and two kinds of squash. The complete vegan dinner is $100 and feeds eight. The turkey is replaced with a wild rice cranberry-fig roast en croute and comes with a mushroom gravy and vegan stuffing. The last package is everything but the turkey and will cost you $75. A la carte options are available too and you can pick and choose among entrees, side dishes, soups, rolls, and pies. Entrée choices are roasted turkey, sliced turkey breast or the vegan fig roast described above. Earth Fare is offering 14 side choices ranging $8 to $12 per quart. They have everything from the traditional mashed potatoes to butternut squash and an apple and fennel stuffing. The two soup options are a spiced pumpkin apple bisque and a butternut squash bisque, both $8.49/32 oz. For dessert, take a couple of their all natural or organic pies home. This year’s variety features apple, blueberry, cherry and pumpkin and range from $9.99 to $10.99. A full menu of options is available at the deli.

The Glass Onion has will make you the perfect holiday host too. For starters, you can load up on their deviled eggs ($0.75 each) and pimento cheese ($10/pint). On the side, The GO has sweet potato casserole ($8/quart), braised local greens ($8/quart), and cornbread-sausage dressing (you can even toss in some oysters!). If you like soup on the Day of Thanks, they’re serving a chicken and sausage gumbo in pints ($10) and quarts ($20). Their dessert menu lists not two or three, but seven desserts. Good luck deciding between the orange cream pie, lemon chess pie, pumpkin tart, chocolate pecan tart, gingerbread pound cake, chocolate orange pound cake and a good ol’ pan of bread pudding fit for “20ish.” Desserts range in price from $23 to $50. Order by Friday, November 16 and pick up on Wednesday, November 21.

Normandy Farm Bakery has your desserts and rolls covered. For pies, the bakery is offering pecan, apple, and pumpkin varieties. Or, go for the cranberry-pear bread pudding, chocolate hazelnut tart, or the pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap crust. For breads, the bakery is offering seven types of dinner rolls by the half or whole dozen, including orange rosemary, sweet potato, and soft butter rolls. Orders must be in by Monday, November 19 and can be picked up Wednesday, November 21.

Gobble gobble

Cupcake is whipping up some adorable turkey-decorated cupcakes that would be perfect for the kids’ table. The sweet shop will even deliver to their designated zip codes.

Kill two birds with one stone at Caviar and Bananas where you can order Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner at one time. This year, they are serving a red currant and maple braised, all-natural bone-in “Neuskie” ham. Served with huckleberry jam, this sucker weighs 7-9 lbs, can serve 8-12 guests and costs $10.99/lb. If you want to keep Thanksgiving classic, go with the roasted “Maple Lawn” organic turkey. Served with rosemary-apple cider glaze and vanilla-bourbon smoked onion gravy, this big birds weigh 12-14 lbs, serving up to 12 guests. Pick your level of work and order your turkey raw ($3.99/lb), dressed with stuffing raw ($4.99/lb), or dressed with stuffing cooked ($7.99/lb). Soups include charred corn and lobster chowder and a roasted butternut squash soup with pears & ginger ($16/quart). Caviar and Banana’s holiday menu lists ten side items including white truffle potato latkes, a farro salad and focaccia stuffing with lamb sausage and pineapple sage. Pick from the gourmet shops four decadent dessert options, featuring caramel apple pie, bourbon pecan pie, pumpkin praline cheesecake and chocolate cake. If you like that line up so much, order it all over again for the next month’s holiday. Deadline for Thanksgiving orders here is Monday, November 19.

Bull Street Gourmet and Market is serving up turkeys three ways. Get your all-natural, hormone free turkey roasted, fried, or smoked at $5/lb. Sides come in two quantities, small and large, and vary in price from $8-12 and $16-$24, respectively. They recommend a few small sized sides for three to four diners and the larger size for larger parties of 6 to 8. Sides include mashed potatoes, green bean casseroles, sweet potato souffle, and several more. This year Bull Street is featuring apple, pumpkin and chocolate pecan pies for dessert. Stop by the grocery for an order form or print it offline.

Smoky Oak will hickory smoke or fry up a bird for you for $34.99. Pulled pork ($9.50/lb), beef brisket ($10.50/lb), and chicken ($10.50/lb) are also available. They’ve got 16 sides to choose from in three different quantities ranging from a $4.99 pint to a $19.99 covered dish. Their homemade southern sides include standards like garlic mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and sweet potato casserole as well as more interesting items like corn bread stuffing with sausage, apples and pecans. For $185 Smoky Oak will help you feed 6-8 people with a whole spread of meats, sides, salad and peach cobbler for dessert.

And finally, if you’ve always wanted a fried bird but were afraid of burning down your house, Wild Wing will be happy to do it for you. They’re taking orders for 12-lb fried turkeys for $36.99.

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