We know you’re busy this week getting ready for turkey day, so we’ve got some events to help you prepare. After the turkey’s been eaten and the pies demolished, get ready to flip the switch into Christmas mode as Black Friday and (our personal preference) Small Business Saturday mark the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

Monday. Just in the nick of time, you can get your holiday exercise plan together at the Surviving the Holidays session at reForm Studios. Then, unwind at Mt. Pleasant’s Wine and Design for their anniversary street party.

Tuesday. Learn what’s going on behind the news headlines at the Charleston Jewish Community Center Israel film Series.

Wednesday. It’s Thanksgiving Eve, so stretch your belly muscles with a dose of laughter at the Big Gun Show.

Thursday. Get in some exercise before you load up at the dinner table at the Kiawah Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, a one-mile walk or three-mile run on the beach.

Friday. See the Grand Lobby tree begin to glow at the Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Sanctuary. Or stroll through the Market for a little Holiday Art in the Evening.

Saturday. Catch the Claus’s arrival on Kiawah Island for pictures and storytelling at Santa at the Sanctuary. Start your holiday shopping and buy local at the Winter Wonderland Tasting Event on Small Business Saturday. Candy Shop Vintage will host a trunk show and Mirabelle Bakery will offer tastings. There will also be complimentary champagne to fuel the holiday spirit.

Sunday. Why not get lost in the National Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition at Riverfront Park? On display are the large-scale sculptures of fourteen established and emerging artists.

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