Rooster’s Kitchen
, deemed a top 10 restaurant in Charlotte by that city’s monthly magazine, will be making its way to Charleston soon

Charlotte Magazine writer Aleigh Acerni says, “With a casual, rustic setting and the alluring scent of a wood-fired oven permeating the dining room, Rooster’s is chef and restaurateur Jim Noble’s masterpiece.” 

Rooster’s approach to food seems like it will fit in to Charleston’s food scene nicely, even if it feels a bit familiar. Their website describes the approach: European technique, local farmers and fishmongers, simple and honest fare. “From butchering our own animals to our bread we bake every morning at The King’s Bakery from locally milled organic flour, careful attention is put into each and every dish and each and every ingredient.” 

Chef Jim Noble was unwilling to provide any details about their Charleston location yet, but promises to reach out once they get closer. Which leaves us to speculating. Could this be the restaurant that’s going into the two-story space in the old Millennium building at the corner of Calhoun and King

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