Pet Helpers and local production company Palmetto Coast Media received some big news this week. Nat Geo Wild will be airing Give Me Shelter, a docu-reality show that follows the no-kill shelter’s day-to-day happenings. The series was shot over a year and a half and contains 13 episodes.

And what does a day look like at the Folly Road shelter? Well, there’s the typical office banter you’d expect and plenty of adoption events, but there’s also some of the harder moments that were caught on tape. “There were definitely a handful of moments where we thought, ‘this is what the world needs to see,'” explains Jessie Anderson-Berens, owner and operator of Palmetto Coast Media, “like trekking through rugged forests searching for feral puppies, being front and center when really tough abuse or health-ridden cases came in, and giving a new dog or cat a home after knowing how tough its life was previous to coming into the shelter.” Anderson-Berens also served as the director, producer, editor, and one of the camera operators for the series. 

Anderson-Berens worked with her co-producer and distributor Bruce Frigeri to pitch Give Me Shelter and get other deals signed, like the one with Animal Planet and Nat Geo Mundo that airs the show in Japan, Europe, and parts of the Middle East and Africa. No air date has been set for Give Me Shelter‘s Nat Geo Wild American premiere, but Anderson-Berens thinks it will probably be in late spring or early summer of this year. 

Check out a teaser of the show below. 

“Give Me Shelter” Teaser from Palmetto Coast Media on Vimeo.

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