P&C editorial: “‘Best city’ cheers and caution”

In the past two days in two separate incidents in opposite corners of the country, local police have been filmed during incidents in which two black men were shot and killed by officers. Source: WaPo, NYT

The Governor’s Office released more than 10,000 pages of printed and redacted emails documenting correspondence sent to the governor in the days following the Emanuel AME shooting last year. The emails range from angry to solemn and even include doodles sent to Gov. Nikki Haley by South Carolina children in the aftermath. Source: The State, P&C


Downtown will get another grocery store in the planned WestEdge development near the Joe as Publix signs a lease to open in the high-rise mixed-use project. Source: CRBJ

A last-minute deal to allow Century Aluminum to buy most of its energy on the open market will keep the Mount Holly smelter open. Source: AP

The tiny S.C. town of Timmonsville in Florence County, population 2,300, has adopted a new town dress code that bans ‘sagging’ pants, saying the ‘fad’ has “gone on way too long.” Source: AP, The State

A joint investigative report by the Marshall Project and the New York Times documents the use of private, outsourced prisoner transport across the country, including in S.C. Source: Marshall Project

As seen on Twitter: Texas Monthly’s Daniel Vaughn (@bbqsnob) made a blitz across Charleston yesterday, including stops at Lewis Barbecue. [embed-2]

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