Twenty years after The Citadel eliminated its males-only admission policy, the ‘Military College of the South’ is welcoming a record-number of 68 incoming freshman cadets for the fall semester. Source: P&C

Furman University will build a $1.7 million solar farm near the entrance to its Upstate campus. Source: G’ville News

Over the weekend, the Associated Press profiled Charleston attorney Andy Savage, who is taking part in the two highest-profile trials in Charleston’s recent history. In one case, he’s defending former N. Charleston police officer Michael Slager and in the other he’s representing the survivors and families of the Emanuel AME shooting. Source: AP

Charleston School of Law students will assist with a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of the surviving siblings of George Stinney, the 14-year old African-American boy convicted by an all-white male jury and executed by the state for the murder of two white girls. A charge CSOL President Ed Bell says the law school’s team will prove was wrong. Source: P&C

A new law designed to provide relief to those arrested and cleared of accusations are still finding it hard to get their photos removed from online mugshot-scraping sites as they refuse service of legal documents that start the process that could eventually force the companies to comply and remove the mugshots. Source: P&C

North Charleston police were involved in a fatal shooting when police say a man opened fire on officers. The man’s girlfriend, who did not witness the shooting, says he didn’t fire the gun at police. Following normal procedure, SLED is investigating the incident. Source: P&C

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