As Hurricane Matthew steams toward the Florida coastline, evacuations are continuing, with hundreds of thousands of people from the S.C. Lowcountry moving inland to avoid the storm’s effects. Current models put the storm along the east coast of Florida today and moving up the coast through tomorrow before reaching S.C. early Saturday. Charleston and the Lowcountry are included in a Hurricane Watch issued this morning. Source: P&C, NWS


By all accounts, the lane-reversal on I-26 headed west is moving traffic out of the Lowcountry effectively, with DOT-estimated drive times from Charleston to Columbia around 1 hour, 29 minutes. The state says the reversal will remain in place through Friday morning. Source: P&C, SCDOT

A man was shot and killed by deputies after a firefight following a police chase that started after the man drove around a barricade and led police on a chase before exiting his vehicle and shooting at police, prompting them to return fire. Source: P&C

A little bit of levity in a serious situation: The sign language interpreter that’s stood alongside Gov. Nikki Haley and state officials is drawing some attention for his expressive signs. Jason Hurdich is actually deaf himself and is signing with the help of another state interpreter, Shonna Magee. Magee: “I have a language expertise … I don’t have the cultural expertise (Hurdich) has.” Source: The State, P&C

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