Blotter o’ the Week: A shoplifter grabbed several plastic bags from a recycling bin at a grocery store before walking the aisles to complete his shopping. Dressed in his pajamas, the man filled his bags with beer, crab, steak, shrimp, and extra sharp cheddar cheese, before he was stopped by store security. His total haul added up to more than $136.

In a date night gone wrong, a young couple was found sitting in a car getting to know each other very well when an officer approached to question the two. After they removed their hands from each others pants, the woman in the car explained that she was dropping her friend off and their roommate was inside their home. It was at this point that the officer also noticed a beer sitting between the two lovebirds, and the boyfriend was cited for an open container.

An officer on foot patrol in a public park noticed a man sitting on a bench enjoying a cold beer. Upon questioning, the man told the officer that “he had been having a rough day and thought a beer and some ice cream might help,” according to an incident report.

A man with several outstanding warrants for drug charges was apprehended and brought to jail where he was subject to a strip search. After bending at the waist and coughing, a small bag of cocaine fell from “Nature’s hiding spot,” at which time the man stated, “Aw, dang it.”

A man found sleeping in the stairwell of a downtown restaurant disagreed with an officer’s claim that he was trespassing, saying, “It has to be posted for it to be trespassing.” Unfortunately for the loiterer, he had already been banned from the property and he was forced to leave.

A high-stakes penny pincher managed to steal 50 feet of raw copper and 800 feet of copper wire from a construction site.

An underage woman busted for a fake ID gave police three false identities, claiming to be women from Georgia and Massachusetts before being taken into custody. Looking through the Talented Mrs. Ripley’s wallet, officers found her actual ID that listed her as a resident of South Carolina.

Someone broke into the beer cooler in a West Ashley restaurant one night, making off with 21 cases of beer and one six-pack valued at approximately $457, according to an incident report.

An officer responded to the scene of a loud house party to find multiple people urinating in the front yard. After finally tracking down the man who lived at the residence, the officer was told by the host that he had originally just invited a few people over, but more and more people just kept arriving, many in search of a bathroom.

An officer was notified of an intoxicated woman who had taken a hard fall on a sidewalk downtown. The officer was led to the woman’s location, where she was found sitting on the sidewalk with abrasions on her knees and urine-soaked pants. The officer noted that the woman had a difficult time answering questions due to her slurred speech and constantly bursting into tears mid-conversation.

A driver fell asleep at a red light late one evening. Responding to the sleep-induced traffic back-up, officers woke the man to inform him that he was under arrest for a suspended license and an outstanding warrant.

A young man was stopped by police for peddling his wares in a public park without permission. When told he would need to leave the area, the man told an officer that he would not be leaving, adding, “Y’all ’bout to have me shittin’. This is so much bullshit,” according to an incident report.

An officer responded to reports of threatening phone calls to find the complainants on the phone with the suspect. Asking to speak with the suspect on the phone, the officer was told that the man he was calling to threaten was having an affair with his wife. The alleged cuckold also told the officer that the man he called to threaten was his sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous.

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