So let’s get this straight: It’s close enough to High Water Festival time that we can start counting down the days (25); Summer Shindig 2017 announced a mind-blowing lineup this week for its June 24 show, and we have now another favorite to get excited about. The third-annual Ohm Radio Sweet Corn Cook Off is happening on Sun. May 21 (the same day that Twin Peaks debuts FYI, just in case you’re a nerd like that) from 1 ’til 5 p.m. at the Royal American.

Get ready for taste explosions from the following restaurant/artist teams: The Park Cafe and the Artisanals; Taco Boy and Benjamin Starr; 492 King and Jordan Igoe; The Obstinate Daughter and the Howling Moon Pimps; Verde and She Returns From War; and The Royal American with Garage Cuban Band.

Culinary-artist teams will join forces to create an inventive corn-based dish, and guests will get to sample each one and vote for their favorite. Winners get bragging rights for a whole year, y’all.

Performers for the afternoon include the Soul Preservation Society, the Garage Cuban Band, and some of the artist paricipants — expect participants to have a hootenanny on the porch, as per usual.

Tickets are $20/adults, $10/kids, and Free/12 and under and can be purchased via or at the door day-of event. All proceeds go to OHM Radio 96.3, a stellar community, commercial-free radio station.

P.S. This is both kid and dog-friendly event, so bring the whole fam.

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