Fun fact: pecha kucha means chit chat in Japanese. You’ve probably heard of Pecha Kucha (PK), an event that features speakers talking about a topic for exaclty 6 minutes and 40 seconds each — usually in a presentation of 20 slides shown every 20 seconds. Charleston Creative Parliament started Pecha Kucha Charleston way back in 2008. The group of unpaid volunteers has produced 26 PK events since then, with over 150 presenters. Now Parliament is pass the reins.

The Charleston Music Hall team will now run Pecha Kucha.

In a press release Carmody said, “Pecha Kucha is an amazing format for creatives and entrepreneurs to share their ideas, dreams, and achievements, as well as connect with different people in their community. The goal for me is to see collaboration come out of these evenings. For example, a visual artist meeting a gallery owner and a new partnership being formed. I truly believe that in order for Charleston’s artistic and creative community to strive, we must be working closely with one another within and outside of our respective fields.”

Some of the original Parliament members will be involved in future PK nights, including Terry Fox, who takes over as PK presenter liaison, which has him developing the future presenter roster. The Music Hall has agreed to produce four PK nights a year in a deal with Pecha Kucha International, which is based in Japan.

The next Pecha Kucha night will be held on Oct. 5 in collaboration with the Charleston Arts Festival (which Fox is the co-presenter of, FYI). Learn more about the Charleston Arts Festival online.

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