NYT headline: “Mick Mulvaney, Consumer Bureau’s Chief, Urges Congress to Cripple Agency”

Many Charleston families with school-age children have been forced into stressful situations of relying on Charleston County’s shift away from neighborhood schools to ‘school choice’-friendly magnet schools, but with demand higher than the number of coveted seats available at the specialty schools, the admission process has grown to mirror selective colleges and universities. Source: P&C

Democratic candidate for governor Marguerite Willis has a new video out today which she begins by saying, “There’s no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump is a racist.” Source: YouTube

The Mt. Pleasant Planning Commission has given organizers of the National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation two months to make significant changes to the proposed modern design for its waterfront museum at Patriots Point. The group first unanimously voted against the plan in January and nobody spoke in favor it at the meeting last night. Source: P&C

As cruise ships continue to dock downtown to ferry paying passengers away by the thousands without paying any taxes or fees, Historic Charleston Foundation and Councilman Mike Seekings are saying it’s about time to take another look at the city’s ability to collect revenue from cruises. Source: P&C

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