Contour, the experimental project by Khari Lucas, released a new video last week for “Tantrum in Azure,” a track that was created after the musician had a realization about himself. “The song was written about a series of days I was having where I was kind of mentally getting upset over things that were kind of really just me not getting my way and being a bit of a baby, hence ‘tantrum,'” he says. “It was kind of a way of me processing those feelings and letting myself be a little whiny without beating myself up.”

The video was directed and edited by John Peters, a fact that’s recognizable when comparing the stunning quality of “Tantrum” with Peters’ previous work with Contour: 2017’s album and film, Softer, and co-directed by Austin Butler (a.k.a. hip-hop artist Nory), who also employs animation in the video. It features, in the same shot, Lucas singing, and playing drums, keys, and guitar. “The video loosely conveys that idea of being in a place where you’re kind of the only thing existing in the world to yourself and are more or less creating all of your own conflicts,” Lucas says.

Written and recorded entirely in the singer’s bedroom, “Tantrum in Azure” was created first around a bassline before adding drums, then the rest of the music. It was debuted on SceneSC’s 2018 sampler.

You can listen to the track here, buy it here, and watch the video above.

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