Redux Contemporary Art Center’s biggest fundraiser of the year, their annual art auction, takes place on Sat. Nov. 17 at the arts organization’s new(ish) home, located at 1056 King St. According to Redux’s website, “The Annual Redux Auction is the organization’s primary, annual fundraising event which provides essential support for our comprehensive exhibition program, our robust education and outreach programs, and allows us to directly support emerging visual artists’ ideas and work.”

Redux is currently accepting artist submissions for both the silent and live auction components of the annual auction; submissions are open to all artists, but not all submissions are selected. Submit artwork online. Selected artists will have the option of splitting the sale of the work 30/70 with Redux (with the artist keeping 30 percent of the sale), or donating the entire sale to Redux.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the auction, you can peruse options online, which start at $250 and top out at a corporate sponsorship of $10,000. For more info email Redux’s executive director, Cara Leepson, at

And if you’re really itching to donate to Redux in a smaller (but still important) way, you can always check out their ongoing fundraiser on Facebook.

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