An entertainer who made his career singing Christian hymns, but is better known lately for stoking racial division, Pat Boone is apparently a man in high demand by Republican politicians looking to lock up support of conservative senior citizens.

And as the spokesman for the 60 Plus Association, he is apparently ready and willing to supply his endorsement to deserving Trump supporters these days. So ready, in fact, that he’s got a simple form to fill out that gives him all the English words he needs to signal his support.

“I’m still singing at concerts, but today I’m singing the praises of Katie Arrington. Seniors can depend on Katie Arrington,” an announcement read today in a Twitter post by Rep. Katie Arrington, who is running for Congress in the 1st District.[embed-1]

It’s a simple statement, reminds people that Pat Boone is a singer who is still holding concerts (impressive at 85, admittedly), and says Katie Arrington’s name twice.

That “singing at concerts … singing the praises” line is pretty smooth. He couldn’t have just used that for Rep. Arrington, right?

Nope. A quick search shows that Boone has used that same line for at least a dozen other Republicans from state House to Congress, including Rep. Joe Wilson just a few months ago. And as Mark Sanford attempted a political comeback in 2013, Boone endorsed Curtis Bostic over Sanford in the 1st District, casting doubt over whether the disgraced ex-governor can be ‘faithful.’ Boone was an early Trump supporter in the 2016 race.

Here are just a few from the first page of Google: Rep. Mike Coffman (Republican from Colorado), Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL), Eugene Delgaudio (R-VA), Tom McMillin (R-MI), Jeff Dove (R-VA), Richard Shelby (R-AL), Larry Kaifesh (R-IL), Charles Poindexter (R-VA), Larry Stutts (R-VA), Mike Campbell (R-SC), and more…


Of course, Boone isn’t the only person who uses politics to pass kitschy lines to curry favor. Last year, former Vice President Joe Biden told U.S. Sen. Tim Scott that when he died, he wanted to be reborn in Charleston … but apparently he likes telling people he wants to be reborn wherever they were from.

Arrington is taking on Democrat Joe Cunningham in the general election race, which has garnered attention as a potential gain as national Democrats seek to take back Congress.

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