When faced with the inevitable, “Tell us a fun fact about yourself” icebreaker, it’s good to have a hobby up your sleeve to share. We’ve compiled a list of options so you can impress your classmates with your unique skills and make lots of friends.

Dance Lab

1660 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., Units 3&4. West Ashley


Dance Lab offers classes for different dance styles from hip-hop to tap and everything in between. If you have been dancing your whole life or want to take your first ever class, Dance Lab has got you covered. With options like ‘feel funky hip-hop’ and ‘feel strong and beautiful ballet’ each class is a great way to work up a sweat and bring some positive energy into your life. You can buy a membership, pay per class, or buy a class card to work with your schedule.

Coastal Climbing

708 King St. Downtown


Located on King Street, Coastal Climbing is an indoor rock climbing studio with over 4,000 square feet of climbing terrain. In addition to the climbing wall, there is a personal training area, yoga classes, a foosball table, wifi, and a chillout section. Take advantage of the student membership for $50 a month and climb to your heart’s content.

Charleston Sports and Social Club


The Charleston Sports and Social Club was created to bring thousands of active(ish) people together all year round. They offer teams for kickball, volleyball, softball, football, and basketball. Form a team with your friends or join as an individual, either way the CSSC is a great way meet new people and work up a sweat.

Charleston Curling Club

If you watch the curling at the Winter Olympics and think, “I could do that,” well, here’s your chance to shine. The Charleston Curling Club is open to all skill levels — they even offer a 2 hour beginners class to teach you the basics. Check out Facebook for upcoming events and start practicing your sweeping: facebook.com/charlestoncurlingclub.

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