Blotter o’ the week:
While searching a car, an officer found a plastic bag with about 23 grams of a green, leafy substance labeled “Lucky Charms” under the passenger seat.

Four people helped smuggle a 32-inch TV out of a West Ashley department store.

A downtown tenant was cited with a noise ticket after an officer noticed 50 to 75 college-aged people inside his house at 1 a.m. He told the officer the party should have ended several hours ago.

Someone switched off three circuit breakers that control downtown cell phone service for T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T at a cell tower on Line Street. Two of the switches, worth a combined total of $600, may need to be replaced. They’re on the outside of the building and are basically accessible to anyone walking by.

An officer saw two men sitting on a bench in Marion Square on a recent Sunday morning passing a 40 back and forth.

A woman heard loud banging on her front door one morning. When she went outside, she saw that her front window had been shattered with an unknown object.

Heard during DUI stop: “I felt like I was okay but if you’re pulling me over I definitely was not okay.”

A man and a woman walked into the Apple Store, asked about buying two XS Max iPhones, picked up the bag with the phones, and walked out. Approximate value: $2,200.

A man who was found passed out in the alcove of a downtown business told an officer that the can of Blue Razz Steel Reserve that was open next to him was his favorite alcoholic beverage at the moment.

A joke about a ninth grader likely being “the one” to commit a hypothetical school shooting became anything but. The students who made the comments were questioned by authorities after the rumors spread through text messages.

Four years ago, a man was involved in a romantic relationship with his coworker while they were both in the process of separating from their spouses. Both repaired their relationships with their spouses and stopped seeing each other after two or three months. Last week, the woman’s husband sent him a text message that read, in part, “Yeah. It’s me you Bitch made Mother Fucker!! The One that makes you look behind your back!! I am coming to get your Punk Ass!! Pussy Ass Home Wrecker you are going to get what you deserve, best believe that!!” The man reported the text to police because he’s worried about the safety of his wife and children.

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