After 10 years of service, Mt. Pleasant brewpub Liberty Tap Room has announced that they are officially closing their doors after dinner service today, Fri. April 26.

The Homegrown Hospitality restaurant, which was previously a TBonz Gill & Grill for 15 years before rebranding as Liberty, served American fare — burgers, ribs, bleu cheese potato chips — and their own brewed-in-house beers. Way back in 2009 when former food critic Robert Moss checked out the then-new joint, he concluded, “if you can look past a few hokey thematic details … Liberty Taproom is actually a stylish restaurant that serves some really good food.”

A statement from the hospitality group says that the decision to transform the space into an event venue “was reached after receiving a steady increase in inquiries for an event space.” Owners Jerry Scheer and Mark Cumins plan to “explore rebranding the 8,000-square foot restaurant into a venue for private parties, wedding receptions, and dinners.”

Homegrown Hospitality Group marketing director Emmy Scott says, “…we have listened to the requests and think transforming the space into an event venue will better suit us a company and the surrounding neighborhoods.”

Scott also notes that due to the “major labor shortage” facing Charleston restaurants, the group will be able to “quickly place existing Liberty staff members at its sister restaurants” including Pearlz Oyster Bar, Kaminsky’s, and TBonz.

Get your burger and pint — try the Freedom burger, with bacon, frizzled onions, and a fried egg — tonight, then bid adieu to yet another Charleston restaurant.


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