Robert Lange Studios presents a new exhibition, Mighty Dreamers, featuring the works of oil painter Nathan Durfee and his interpretations of the human spirit. Check out this pop surreal exhibition at the opening reception  Fri. June 7 from 5-9 p.m.; it will be on view until June 25.

Featuring series of works like “Oliver Fills In” and “Panda Dreaming,” Durfee says of this installment: “The show celebrates the power of the human spirit. Not only is it a body of large works, but the narratives showcase strength and guardianship. Along with the narratives are paintings of each character closed eyed and dreaming, a moment of rest for both them and the viewers.”
This exhibition is an example of Durfee’s overall ability to continue to tell stories through his paintings. He says: “this show will stand out from my previous shows in its scope of size and focus in theme.”

Gallery owner Robert Lange says, “Anytime Durfee takes center stage in the gallery, you know it’s going to be a bright day. His whimsy translates across all age ranges.”

RLS is open every day, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Learn more online at

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