Generally speaking, a small cold brew is going to cost you more than a small hot or iced coffee. Keep in mind prices range due to a lot of variables, but the time and labor behind making (good) cold brew is always more than the time and labor of making (good) hot coffee. We’re talking hours and hours versus minutes. Some shops dilute their cold brew concentrate and some leave it full nelly (hence an uptick in price and shakiness). Some shops purchase kegs and others just purchase beans and make the brew themselves. Some source from large roasters and some from small-batch specialty roasters. Some accept tips and some do not.

Here are a few places to grab a cold brew cuppa around town:

Sojourn Coffee $2-$2.55 Coastal Coffee Roasters $2.25
Saffron Bakery $2.25
Caviar & Bananas $2.55-$3.05
Brown’s Court Bakery $2.70
Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer $2.85-$3.80
Vintage Coffee Cafe $3
Halo $3.05-$3.80
Bitty & Beau’s $3.20
Tricera Coffee $3.25
Mercantile & Mash $3.25
The Daily $3.50
Second State $3.50
Cafe Framboise $3.50
Bakehouse Charleston $3.50
The Rise $3.75-$4.75
Harbinger Cafe & Bakery $4
132 Spring $4
Basic Kitchen $4
Lost Dog Cafe $4.50
Gnome Cafe $5

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