Remember that random-as-hell sighting of Kanye West taken outside of Tu last year? When he was supposedly hanging out with Danny McBride? Well, we’re finally getting a tiny bit of the backstory to that via McBride himself during an appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
[content-2] It all started a phone call out of the blue from Kanye West. As all good stories do. McBride says (emphasis mine) that Kanye had the idea of doing a movie about his own life with McBride playing Kanye. Who knows if any of that is true, but let’s go with it.

After hesitating when McBride told him that he actually lives in Charleston, Kanye shows up for a day in the Holy City.

What do you do with Kanye when he flies to Charleston to hang out with you?

Apparently, you go out the boat, chat, and watch Danny McBride’s son play Fortnite. (Dinner happened in there somewhere, but let’s go with it.)

“Are you sure this happened? Because you’ve done drugs, right?” Kimmel asks.

McBride goes on for a pretty humorous riff on visiting “the government house” to push the state to increase state film production incentives, saying he was pretty sure that the governor (“McMasters,” he says, but let’s go with it) thought his staff was wasting his time.
[content-1] Righteous Gemstones, McBride’s latest Charleston-produced project, debuts on HBO on Aug. 18 — a new trailer just dropped this week.

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