One of the worst parts of storms is wondering what is going on other places — especially if you’ve evacuated. Whether you’ve evacuated or you just love severe weather, here’s how to check out how Dorian is treating Charleston.


The Seaside Inn on Isle of Palms‘ webcam shows off surf – and storm – conditions.

If your cabin fever hasn’t reached critical mass, check out the Windjammer’s cameras, which provide a view of their volleyball court and their back deck. (Where I would rather be.)

Surfline’s cameras
, which have views of Folly Beach, but have some ads.

Watch the storm roll in on Kiawah Island, or check out how the golf course is faring.

Other landmarks

S.C. DOT cameras are great, especially because they have multiple views of the same locations.

College of Charleston’s
 cameras give you different vantage points of the College

The Coastal Conservation League’s Pelicam gives a great view of current conditions in the harbor from Crab Bank.

Outside of Charleston

Check out how the storm is progressing in Myrtle Beach, with views of Broadway at the Beach and the Boardwalk.

See what’s going on over at the Dead Dog Saloon in Murrells Inlet.

Check on the surf at Edisto Beach here.’s Frying Pan Cam is 34 miles off shore of Cape Fear, N.C..

See the conditions in N.C. Outer Banks from this camera.

Check how Dorian treated Amelia Island, Fla., with this camera.

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