The brainchild of a partnership between Hardscoop Distillery and Bar Mash, the Hardscoop Mash cocktail is made with Hardscoop strawberry sorbet, Angel’s Envy, and dark rum, and will be featured for a limited one-month run at Bar Mash. The cocktail benefits local nonprofit The Green Heart Project and national initiative Toast the Trees.

A majority of the profits from the cocktail will go toward The Green Heart Project, a local group that supports gardening projects in Charleston and school-based environmental programs.

Angel’s Envy’s ‘Toast the Tree’ initiative will see a tree planted every time a picture of a cocktail featuring the bourbon is posted on social media, tagged @angelsenvy, with the hashtag #toastthetrees in the caption. The goal is to get 30,000 trees planted.

“We can’t wait for Charleston to enjoy the Hardscoop Smash,” said president of Hardscoop Distillery Jason Kirby in a press release. “Not only is it one amazingly good cocktail, we also love Bar Mash and agriculture is something that is very important to us at Hardscoop with our use of all local produce. Partnering with Bar Mash and benefiting both The Green Heart Project and Toast the Trees is a win-win for us.”

To learn more about Hardscoop Distillery, visit For more information about Bar Mash and the Hardscoop Mash, go to

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