YALLWest, the West Coast version of Charleston’s beloved YALLFest, has moved its April festival online. While our city’s young adult literary festival is still scheduled for this November, we figured all Y’ALL might want a taste of the fun YALLWest has to offer in their new, appropriately titled format, YALLSTAYHOME.

The virtual festival will be held April 25-26 and will feature giveaways, contests, signed book deliveries, special events, and two full days of panels with over 70 authors.

Participating YA authors include a slew of NYT bestselling authors like: Nic Stone (Dear Martin); Angie Thomas (The Hate U Give); Brandon Sanderson (The Stormlight Archive, The Mistborn Saga, and more); Tahereh Mafi (The Shatter Me series); and David Levithan (every day).

Local bookstore (and host of YALLFest) Blue Bicycle will be handling all the book sales for YALLSTAYHOME, a welcome boost for a well-loved Charleston business. Blue Bicycle is mailing out 1,500 bookplates for authors to sign, so they can offer signed books, too.

Learn more about the festival (and participate!) online at yallwest.com.  

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