Ruta Smith

1124 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. West Ashley

(843) 203-3309

1909 N. Hwy. 17. Mount Pleasant

(843) 732-3334

9730 Dorchester Road. #207. Summerville

(843) 900-0393

792 Folly Road. James Island

(843) 203-3319

Charleston Sports Pub looks to have assumed the mantle of the city’s latest mega-popular, swarming-with-TVs sports bar. Popping up with four (soon to be five) area locations seemingly overnight, Charleston Sports Pub’s big menu and big spaces mean there’s something for everyone inside. Looking for sports bar standards like wings, burgers, and nachos? They got you. Craving unique tacos and starters or a brunch menu stacked with pancakes while you catch the early games? You’re good. If watching sports ball isn’t your thing, get practicing so you can can flex on your friends on pop-a-shot or other games.

You can even get your Charleston Sports Pub fix in the Upstate, with two locations in Clemson and Greenville. —Sam Spence

Mac’s Place

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