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Atlanta-based New Realm Brewing Company’s fourth location is now open on Daniel Island at 880 Island Park Dr., the former home of Dockery’s. After debuting over the weekend, New Realm will now be open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, when it will offer 25-35 craft beers, hard seltzers, New Realm signature spirits and elevated pub fare from the scratch kitchen.

After New Realm co-founder Carey Falcone announced they would take over the 11,000-square-foot space in April, ownership made some minor modifications before reopening the doors last weekend. New Realm head brewmaster Mitch Steele and culinary director Grant MacPherson, who Falcone says has cooked for three sitting presidents, trained a team of local chefs and brewers who will lead the Daniel Island location. 

“One thing that we do is we do have some consistency in our menu, and we love to hire local chefs,” Falcone said, adding that the menu will feature local ingredients from Vertical Roots, Abundant Seafood and others. “We really pride ourselves on truly being a scratch kitchen. They will come up with dishes that are specific to just our Daniel Island location, and they really focus that on what we can source locally.” 

New Realm brewed 117 different beers in 2020, so you can expect a wide variety of pilsners, stouts, IPAs and more. After recently debuting a location in Savannah — New Realm’s first stand-alone distillery — Falcone is excited to join the Charleston food and beverage community. 

“We were interested in this location for a couple of reasons,” Falcone said. “One, we just love the Charleston area. It’s also in between our other locations, so it sort of bridges the gap for us. And then the bones of the location, we thought were really cool.” 

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