The Folly Beach pier is currently getting long-awaited upgrades | Photos by Ashley Rose Stanol

We went out on social media to ask folks about their favorite beach-going habits.

What beach do you prefer?

Sullivan’s Island: 33.1%
Folly Beach: 30.5%
Isle of Palms: 22.5%
Kiawah Island: 14%

“IOP for ease of parking and the restrooms. The county park’s Gold Pass has been an annual purchase for us for years.”

“IOP without a doubt. Beach access 26!”

“Edisto is growing on me. Folly is great but impossible to park.”

“Folly pre-kids. IOP or Sullivan’s now, LOL.”

What do you bring to the beach?

“My dog, travel scrabble, drinks, adult beverages, music, a football, boiled peanuts, frisbee.”

When you get there, are you active and on the move or just lounging in the sun?

Lounging: 76%
Active: 24%

Do you prefer to go solo or with a group?

Solo: 62%
Group: 38%

Favorite beach activity?

“Relax and listen to the waves roll in.”

“People watch.”

“Crossword puzzle in my chair with an umbrella for shade.”

“Walking the beach and collecting shells.”

“Sit in the traffic jam and count out of state plates.”

“Sitting on the beach under the tent awning, drinking my favorite adult beverage and enjoying time with my husband.”

“Shark tooth hunt.”

“The activity was getting there.”


Favorite place to stop for a drink or a bite after the beach?

Chico Feo
Jack of Cups
The Barrel
Benny Palmetto’s
Home Team BBQ

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