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Lowcountry Local First’s (LLF) Buy Local Season campaign launched Nov. 1 and will run through the end of the year. The organization’s annual buy local effort aims to emphasize the benefits of shopping at local businesses and encourage the community to support independent retailers.

“We believe our dollars are actually votes for the kind of place we want to live in,” said Jordan Amaker, LLF director of marketing, in a press release. “Every dollar we spend with a local business – be it retail, with a service provider or an experience – has the power to recirculate throughout the community, being passed along from local business to another and supporting a healthy local economy.”

The theme “Buy Local, Feel Good” was chosen for 2021 as a reminder that buying local is a feel-good activity. It gives local business owners a sense of accomplishment and pride while also reminding shoppers that buying local is a rewarding experience that enhances our community.

To incentivize shoppers, LLF will host five happy hour events with raffle prizes for shoppers who bring their receipts from participating local businesses. Prizes include Croghan’s jewelry, autographed books by local authors, Charleston restaurant gift cards, spa treatments and more.

The first shopping happy hour of the season will be held Saturday at Tradesman Brewing Co. Each week through Dec. 11, happy hour will be held in a different part of town from downtown Charleston to Summerville, rewarding shoppers who purchased from local businesses in that area.

The happy hour event line-up:

Nov. 6 at Tradesman Brewing Co.
Nov. 13 at Florence’s Lowcountry Kitchen
Nov. 20 at Ship’s Wheel Hard Cider
Dec. 4 in Summerville, exact location TBD
Dec. 11 on Coleman Boulevard in Mount Pleasant, exact location TBD

(Each happy hour runs 4-5 p.m.)

Check the list of participating stores and businesses each week for a chance to win.

“We urge the community to think before they spend, and choose Local first for gifts and holiday experiences,” said Amaker. “And in a time when the world is facing logistics backlogs and shipping delays, there’s an added incentive to go down the street and come home right away with a unique gift. Instant gratification!”

LLF partnered with REV Federal Credit Union, Charleston City Paper, Home Telecom, Edible Charleston magazine, Charleston magazine, the Town of Mount Pleasant, Bridge 105.5, The Station Park Circle, South Windermere Center and Nelson Printing to make the Buy Local Season 2021 campaign happen.

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