Shuai Wang and his wife Corrie of Jackrabbit Filly are bringing Chinese barbecue to the Lowcountry with King BBQ. Slated to open in spring 2023 at 2029 Carver Ave. in North Charleston, the Wang’s new barbecue joint is expected to merge the flavors of Chinese and Carolinian barbecue. 

King BBQ is inspired by Wang’s childhood memories of eating Chinese barbecue dishes like roasted duck and char siu (Cantonese style barbecue pork). Jackrabbit Filly sous chef Brandon Olson will be helming the kitchen, bringing his style of Eastern North Carolinian barbecue into the fold. 

“Where he’s from, it’s more mustard-based and vinegar based-style barbecue,” Wang said. “But it’s still going to be very Chinese. King BBQ is an ode to Cantonese-style barbecue.”

Plans for the menu include roasted meats such as duck, chicken and pork, fresh lechon (roasted suckling pig), char siu-inspired smoked ribs, old school North Carolinian chopped pork and more.

Shuai and Corrie Wang | file photo

Shuai and Corrie have been looking for a location for the past year and a half. Wang said they searched for new locations in areas such as East Montague Avenue and along Meeting Street Extension along with the new developments. Eventually, they settled upon 2029 Carver Ave. in North Charleston for its potential development and other ethnic food neighbors. 

The area is just a block away from Reynolds Ave., where places like Maya del Sol, Rebel Taqueria and Peruvian Macho Pichu Chicken reside. 

The space is expected to be a lot bigger than Jackrabbit Filly’s, with an outdoor patio and TVs mounted above the inside bar. Because of Corrie’s Buffalo, New York, roots, Wang said the place is a “Bills Bar,” so expect Buffalo Bills games to be screening during football season. But during the off-season, Wang said diners will find anime playing on the TVs. 

Olson isn’t the only Jackrabbit member to be moving to the new location. Bar manager Amy Kallicragas and longtime employee Justinh Avery will join the opening team at King BBQ. Kallicragas will run the bar program, which Wang describes as “trashy fancy,” while Avery will be the general manager. “Trashy fancy” cocktails, said Wang, are “laid-back,” cocktails that taste good and are easy to drink with the barbecue. Not too fancy, but also not too trashy. 

“I’m so stoked to be able to grow with the Jackrabbit Filly team and this new restaurant,” Avery said. 

“We’re building this restaurant so people like Brandon and others have places to grow,” Wang added. “Opening this new restaurant opens really great opportunities for all these really great people to grow in our company.”

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