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A $70 million federal grant to researchers at Clemson University and S.C. State University seeks to develop climate-friendly farming techniques. They’ll partner with 27 other entities over the next five years to help farms.

“I think what we’re talking about today, when we look back on it, we will see this as an inflection point in South Carolina’s agricultural history,” said S.C. Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Weathers.

U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., who helped to secure the grant said it would help the state’s small farmers: “This is the kind of program that will assist them in making a living.”

CP OPINION: Elect Lisa Ellis to be state superintendent of education

“We strongly recommend that you vote for the teacher in the race, Democratic candidate Lisa Ellis of Lexington County. Unlike her main challenger, she has completed all of the requirements to be able to take office on day one.”

CP OPINION, Reale: Protect coastal habitats to mitigate storms

“As Hurricane Ian whipped through the Lowcountry as a Category 1 storm, many wondered with two months left of hurricane season whether this would be the first of many more. “

In other headlines:

Summary: Ian rocked S.C. and rolled away. A look at the giant storm a few days since its landfall in South Carolina. Bottom line: the Lowcountry dodged a bullet 33 years and a week after Hugo. The Grand Strand didn’t. Also in the news: A damage assessment is underway for Pawleys Island.  A look at what’s next in hurricane season. Ian was the fifth-strongest hurricane to make landfall.

PANDEMIC: Less than 4,000 new cases reported. The state is reporting 3,991 new cases of COVID-19 and six new deaths over the past week.

The zany, colorful world of Patch Whisky. Meet the North Charleston artist who spends a lot of time obsessing about colorful little monsters.

SC-1: Mace, Andrews to debate Oct. 19.  The two congressional candidates will go head to head in two weeks.

Scott ramps up political operations. U.S. Sen. Tim Scott’s top aide is leaving his staff to start a political consulting firm — a move some say will guide his political activities in the future. Meanwhile, the senator talked about issues this week at The Citadel.

North Charleston chemical company finalizes big purchase. Ingevity, a global chemical company based in North Charleston, has finalized a $325 million deal for Ozark Materials LLC.

Lidl to open 2nd Charleston-area store on Oct. 18. The new grocery store will be in North Charleston.

Land Trust: Get outside during October. A land preservation group is encouraging people to get outside during October. Here are several events in the Lowcountry.

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