Steve-O’s latest 18+ show isn’t for the faint of heart.


The stuntman and comedian, formally known as Stephen Glover, brings his wild multimedia comedy show, the “Bucket List Tour” to the Charleston Music Hall December 7. The show  presents footage of recent X-rated stunts alongside Steve-O’s storytelling and stand-up comedy. 

Glover told the City Paper the tour offers the “crown show” of his career. He rose to fame because of his involvement in the Jackass TV series, which premiered on MTV in 2000. The series was so successful that it was followed by a film franchise starting in 2002, as well as a spinoff series called Wildboyz which ran for four seasons. In 2022, Glover rejoined Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the Jackass crew for the film Jackass Forever, which opened at No. 1 at the box office earlier this year. 

Glover has proven his fearlessness and imperviousness to pain on camera time again for more than two decades. The stunts from Glover’s “bucket list” are so wild, he said he wouldn’t be able to show them on television or his highly successful YouTube channel. 

Proceed reading at your own risk

Bucket List stunts include “skyjacking,” explained by Glover as a stunt which involved “masturbating while completely naked in an airplane with another man strapped to my back, and timing it so that, as I jumped out of the airplane, I would be simultaneously ejaculating all over the place.” Other ideas, like the “Vasectomy Olympics,” involve Glover jogging home from his vasectomy procedure and riding bareback on a horse. 

Glover told the City Paper that some of the stunts in the show have caused grown men in the audience to faint for how “gnarly” they are.  

“For one stunt, I’ve got a medical professional in disguise administering a general anesthesia drug through an IV into my arm while I was trying to ride a bicycle. I mean, all kinds of stuff can go wrong with that!

“That stunt is not only high-level illegal, but life threatening,” Glover said. “So that one got pretty serious … It just goes to show you the level of the stunts I did for this show.”

Every idea Glover added to his bucket list was so ill-advised that he never expected to actually go through with any of them. 

“I had been sitting on these ideas for the longest time, and I genuinely did not think I was gonna do any of them because they are so wild,” he told the City Paper over Zoom.

For the last 12 years, Glover has toured relentlessly, honing his craft as a stand-up comedian and talking about his crazy life experiences to audiences around the world. Glover talks openly about his 14 years of sobriety and how his extreme lifestyle evolved into something positive —  while never losing that Steve-O edge. He released a second book, A Hard Kick In The Nuts: What I’ve Learned From A Lifetime Of Terrible Decisions in September.

“I worked for these past 12 years really developing the craft of storytelling and stand up, and then married all of my worlds together in this one crazy show,” Glover said. “It’s a showcase for everything that I’ve devoted my life to — which I’m super proud of.”

Glover is known for stunts like “shark bait,” where he pierced his cheek with a fish hook and was dragged on a fishing line behind a boat, snapped at by a shark. Or perhaps you recognize him from his “Alligator Tightrope,” in Jackass, a stunt that involved Glover attempting to walk a tightrope over an alligator habitat while wearing only a helmet and a jockstrap filled with raw chicken. His “backdoor fireworks” stunt (yes, that backdoor,) became one of Glover’s trademark stunts. 

Prior to the Bucket List Tour, Glover said his stand-up was an exercise in “regaling stories from my past … And that started to feel a little bit depressing. So, I decided that for my next show, I was gonna film all new stuff, crazier than ever, and bring that video on the road.”

This is Glover’s third comedy tour, but it’s the first time he incorporates video footage of stunt work. The past shows were just “me, a microphone and what I could do on stage,” he said. 

“It occurred to me that the stories I was telling in the stand-up [set] had largely all happened on video camera, and so I thought, what if I edit the footage together and make it this multimedia show,” he said. “My head just exploded. I was just so excited about the stories I tell in my stand-up being illustrated by real footage.”

Part of a larger story

The 10 bucket list stories and stunts are a part of a larger story about Glover’s relationship with his fiancé, designer and stylist Lux Wright. 

“What ties it all together is how carrying out these bucket list stunts affected my relationship,” he said. “It would be impossible to do all these stunts without there being implications for my relationship, and so there’s a lot of great comedy in how my girl felt about these things,” Glover said. “It’s kind of a sweet and moving love story at times, too.”

Though he has been on camera for more than 20 years, Glover said his career was revolutionized when he made the switch into producing his own content. He said 2013 was a dark year due to a string of professional rejections, and so Glover turned to making content on YouTube “at first just to preserve my sanity,” he said. 

“At first, I thought it was a big demotion — from being in big movies to uploading YouTube videos,” Glover said. “But, I did it anyway, and that’s when everything changed. I no longer needed permission from dudes in suits. I don’t need anybody to greenlight or fund my ideas.”

With the Bucket List Tour, Glover reaches another level of creative control. 

“With the Bucket List Tour, I have no community guidelines, I don’t need approval from anyone. I can make it as crazy as I want.”

Glover said his tour has gotten epic feedback, and that he absolutely loves performing this particular show. 

“I’ve stumbled onto a format for my live comedy that I feel like only I can do. And I’m proud of that.”

Steve-O’s Bucket List Tour comes to Charleston Music Hall Dec. 7 at 7:30 p.m. Visit or for tickets. 

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