via Charleston Grill Instagram

Fine dining restaurant Charleston Grill announced a temporary closure Monday, citing local labor shortages as the reasoning behind the decision. The Grill plans to reopen Sept. 1, a spokesperson confirmed to the City Paper.

“Due to an ongoing shortage of highly trained and experienced staff, we have taken the decision to temporarily close the restaurant for the month of August,” the restaurant — which closed March 2020-October 2020 due to the pandemic — said in a statement. “Despite our strong desire to continue with our service, we cannot compromise on the quality that our valuable guests have come to expect from us.” 

The Charleston Grill is located in the landmark Charleston Place, a 433-room hotel that will be sold to the family company of local billionaire businessman Ben Navarro, the City Paper reported Aug. 5. The hotel will be the “flagship asset” of a newly formed entity called Beemok Hosptality, which is planning “substantial investments” in the property — no changes to the Charleston Grill have been announced. 

The Charleston Grill reservation team has contacted guests affected by the closure and will announce a reopening date in the coming weeks.