[image-2]After a year with Mixson Bath & Racquet Club’s Básico restaurant, Chef Bryan Cates has left. We’re told that Cates — who got a solid review from restaurant critic Eric Doksa — has returned to Alabama to be closer to family. In his place, Chef Will Cisa has been named.   

Cisa most recently worked at Xiao Bao Biscuit. Prior to that he spent a year traveling Asia and has held jobs at Laurelhurst Market and Toro Bravo in Portland, Ore. Cisa will handle both the restaurant and catering departments at Mixson while Jaime Calleros, formerly of Minero, will work as chef de cuisine.

In addition to making the Básico menu their own, Cisa and Calleros will get a chance to show off next week at Elliotborough Mini Bar. On Tues. Dec.10 they’ll host a Mexican pop-up dinner featuring pig ear chicharróns and seafood stew.